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The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Book)

A.M.I. Prophetic School

AMI Prophetic School is a training division of Apostolic Movement International

If you would like to get to know the leadership and umbrella organization please visit our Headquarter site. Note that each lecturer participating in training in the AMI Prophetic School hold a fivefold ministry office and are in full time ministry.

How the Prophetic School Works

1. The Screening Process

Once you have completed an enrollment form, you will be contacted via email. If your application was favorable, you will be asked to attend a phone interview.

If you are applying at a conference or AMI seminar, then the possibility is present to book your interview live after one of the meetings. This process requires you to fill out the application form, giving attention to each question.

The interview will be held by either the school principle or one of the lecturers. Here we will determine your readiness for prophetic training and your spiritual maturity. This screening ensures that everyone that is accepted is ready for this level of prophetic training.

Please be encouraged to know that we are not looking for existing ministerial credentials, but with someone with a heart for God! We are looking to train those who mean business with the Lord and who are hungry to fulfill their call. We have students from all walks of economic, social and denominational backgrounds. You will not in any way, be penalized for not holding any previous ministry positions. Our interest lies in your commitment to your call and your heart for God.

Your trainer will be giving you the utmost care and attention and it is essential that we know that you are as commited to your training as we are.

2. Once You Are Accepted:

You will be told immediately after your interview if you have been accepted or not. It is common for students to sign up for the prophetic school, for the Lord to direct them to one of our other schools instead. Even if the prophetic school is not the place for you, you can rest assured that we will find a place for you to begin ministry training for where you are at.

Here is what you can expect once you have been expected.

Purchase of Your First Course

You are officially enrolled once you have paid your registration fee, first course and text books. We have a variety of course text books and student study manuals for you to choose from. This too will be done at the end of your interview.

Welcome Letter and Trainer Allocation

From there, you will receive an e-mail letting you know who your trainer will be and how to login to the Prophetic Student Lounge to begin your studies ( http://www.prophetic-lounge.com/)

You will be taken through the steps of how the system works and how you can begin watching the first lecture and submitting your projects right away.

Ready, Set, Begin!

All that is left now, is for you to get studying! Your trainer will be in touch with you weekly to ensure your progress. Eacch report will be marked and you will always know exactly where you are in your training and what could hinder the process.

Certification and Graduation
Once you have completed our training curriculum, you will invited to attend a graduation to receive your certificate and have hands laid on you. If you are unable to attend a graduation ceremony, you are also welcome to request a certificate, however you will not be issued with credentials, because this requires the laying on of hands.




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