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This is your proof of apostleship:
Those that remain to implement the pattern that God has given to you. - Colette Toach

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Called to Succeed
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The Prophetic Field Guide Series

Birthing, decreeing, releasing, appointing kings, prophets are always on the cutting edge, moving in line with the will of God - bringing heaven to earth!

Get your hands on this series and take your prophetic call to the next level!

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FINANCES. What We Believe

The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Book)

The Prophetic Operations Course

For the FIRST TIME, you will really understand...

The anointing on this course has literally imparted to many students the gifts and ability to flow in the spirit!

  • For the first time in your life you will understand what real intercession is.
  • Discover that the main weapon in the belt of the prophet is Decree!
  • You can tap into the anointing within you at any time.
  • Prophetic Music? Experience it!
Prophetic Operations Course Lessons:
Prophetic Operations Lesson 1: The Seven Ways of Hearing God’s Voice
Prophetic Operations Lesson 2: The Urim and Thummim, Dreams & Visions
Prophetic Operations Lesson 3: Tongues and Utterance
Prophetic Operations Lesson 4: Prophecy. Its various forms and applications
Prophetic Operations Lesson 5: Journaling and the ‘still small voice’
Prophetic Operations Lesson 6: Prophetic Intercession at the higher levels. Getting started correctly.
Prophetic Operations Lesson 7: Using Petitionary Prayer in its correct context.
Prophetic Operations Lesson 8: Prophetic Decree (Using the Prophetic key)
Prophetic Operations Lesson 9: The Prophetic Anointing (Using the Internal Anointing)
Prophetic Operations Lesson 10: Internal vs. External Anointing (Prophetic vs. Evangelistic Ministries)
Prophetic Operations Lesson 11: Prophetic Music
Prophetic Operations Lesson 12: Smashing Musical mindsets.
Prophetic Operations Lesson 13: Prophetic Praise and Worship.
Prophetic Operations Lesson 14: Releasing the anointing prophetically in worship.)
Prophetic Operations Lesson 15: Using prophetic music in spiritual warfare.
Prophetic Operations Lesson 16: Using music to enter the presence of the Lord.

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Prophetic Operations Course